Seven Springs Farms was established in 1994 with just a mechanic and his toolbox. Joe Nichols started his own equipment repair business after working for Robinson Implement, a local John Deere dealership located in Princeton, KY. SSF has grown quickly into the operation it is today, consisting of row crops, cattle, tobacco, and excavating. Our most recent expansion has been into straw blanket production. We use straw we produce on the farm to produce blankets that prevent erosion. Currently, SSF operates across multiple counties in Western Kentucky and is a large employer in the region.


  • Straw Blanket Production at SSF
    In January of 2021 SSF began producing straw blankets. These blankets are produced from straw grown on the farm. They are used to prevent erosion in various situations. Many are used in construction projects, such as a new home. For more information visit the link below.
  • Straw 2020
    We are baling a lot of straw this year and using new stripper heads. They only take the tops off the wheat and leave the stems tall for baling. Click here for some video footage of baling and stripping!
  • 2020 is Here!
    It’s 2020 y’all! We are starting off the new year with mild temps and a few thunderstorms. The shop is in full swing repair mode. We have guys working on trucks, semis, tractors, and equipment; prepping them for the coming months. Over on the cattle side things are chugging along. Mild winters are the best…
  • PBS Joe Nichols Interview
  • Tobacco 2019
    It is that wonderful time of year again! The time you can smell tobacco being fired in barns across the state. Here is what our tobacco harvest looks like!

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