2020 is Here!

It’s 2020 y’all! We are starting off the new year with mild temps and a few thunderstorms. The shop is in full swing repair mode. We have guys working on trucks, semis, tractors, and equipment; prepping them for the coming months.

Over on the cattle side things are chugging along. Mild winters are the best kind of winters for cattle. The dry weather and mild temps mean less sickness and fewer treatments. We now have our away farm locations up and running smoothly so this is shaping up to be a great year for the cattle farm.

Just a few weeks away is our Annual Safety Day. Every year we host a Farm Safety Day for our employees and any other farms that would like to attend. We cover things like how to use the defibrillators, grain bin rescue, general farm safety, Share the Road, and many more safety related issues. We also have guest speakers like Dale Dobson and State Troopers. If you would like to be part of the safety day let us know! This years Safety Day is February 19th.

It will be just a short time before we start planting everything from barley to tobacco, and our migrant workers are back with us. Then its all hands on deck until after harvest in the fall. May God bless us with another safe year, gentle rains, lots of sun, and a little fun along the way!

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