Happy Harvest!

We are in the midst of Harvest 2017! We have been hard at if for a couple of weeks now and we are having a nice little break this week because of the rain form Hurrican Irma. Our thoughts and prayers are with the thousnds of families devestated by Harvey and Irma.

We are a little over 15% finished with corn harvest and its only September 13th! Seven Springs has been blessed this year with a great corn harvest and our tobacco isnt to shabby either! Thank you to all of the guys who worked long hours all weekend to get as much corn in as possible before it rained!  

Weird Weather!

This year has had all kinds of odd weather and its only March! Its been 75 and sunny then 21 and snowing all in the same week. If you don't like the weather in Kentucky just wait a day or two and it will change! Here at SSF we are trying to prep the fields for planting corn. Here is the catch, we can't spray when its windy and we can't spray when its cold. So not alot anything is happening out in the fields.  We do have some cool pictures from the few days we have been able to spray! 


The End is Near!

We are well over half way finished harvesting soybeans! The 2016 harvest is almost over. We would like to thank everyone for all of their hard work and long hours! Check out these pictures of our 2016 soybean harvest.  



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Trigg County Preschool

Joe and Dustin visited Mrs. Ashleys class at Trigg County Preschool this past week to show the kids a combine and teach them about farming. Who had more fun Joe or the kids?

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From Corn to Beans!

It finally cooled off and SSF is finished with corn harvest and started soybeans yesterday. Guys… you are getting close to having your weekends back! YAY!  Here are some pictures from the last of corn harvest and disking. We would like to thank Jared and Graham for the great pictures! If you look closley the instagram picture has a reply from the offical John Deere! Here at SSF we love anything and everything John Deere Green… except our trucks we will take those in red! 

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The Beans Are Coming!

It it the first official day of fall! That means everything will become pumpkin spiced, mums will start to appear on front porches, and cooler weather is on its way!  Here at Seven Springs Farms it means we are over half way finished with corn harvest and soybeans are next! We want to thank Heather, Betsy and Ashely for our beautiful fall decorations on the front porch! 


While your here, check out our For Sale page we have added some new items! 

Big Data

Nick Woodruff was recently interviewed by Murray State Radio! Here is interview and read the article here! http://wkms.org/post/data-farming-how-big-data-revolutionizing-big-ag

Corn harvest is well under way! Here are some videos and pictures from the Jodi Robinson farm. Enjoy! 



Corn Harvest is Here!

Corn harvest has commenced! This means long hours and working saturdays to get all 14,000 acres harvested. We will be on the roads alot this time of year. Everytime we move equipment safety is our priority. Please be patient with us and we will let you around when we can. Check out these great pictures from the Weirstein farm in Caldwell county!


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Between Harvest

We have all been busy at Seven Springs Farms! We are now farming 35,000 acres spread across eight different counties. We harvested 10,000 acres of wheat in two weeks and planted all of our corn before the monsoons of 2016 came. Talk about a hard working group of people! Things have slowed down for the time being, and everyone has taken their well deserved vacations. Wheat is over but corn is just around the corner! Since our last post we have begun a new venture with Jolly Farm Beef, where we specialize in backgrounding calves. We also feed out a couple of calves and sell high choice freezer beef. Check us out at www.JollyBeefFarms.com. We also have invested in the Southern Springs Event Center and the Wallonia Cafe