August 2019

Everything is chugging along at Seven Springs Farms.

Out in the shop, all of our our corn heads have been repaired and prepped for corn harvest. Now the disk and draper heads are getting their turn in the spotlight. Our mechanics stay busy between repairing equipment and vehicles year round.

The cattle farm is planting clover and rye grass this week. Last week we got a surprise on one of our cattle trucks! Meet our little guy with no name! With this new addition, Penelope (the SSF Mascot), finally has a buddy! She was smaller than our little guy is now when she arrived on the farm last year.

Most of our farm crew is working in the ongoing silage harvest. As of 9/3 we have cut 135 acres and put up 3,473 tons of silage.

The tobacco crew has started cutting tobacco. 13 acres have already been cut and firing will start this week.

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