Safety Day!

Safety day is offically on the books for Feburary 21st! We will have speakers on grain quality, grain safety, grain rescue, share the road, as well as sprayer and dicamba certifications. There will be lots of good informaiton shared and lunch provided. If you are interested in attending let us know! Seven Springs FarmsSafety Day

This week on the farm we are still preping for planting, afterall it takes alot of preperation and planning to plant 38,000 acres!  Right now guys are working on replacing worn parts on planters and tillers and fertilizer and seed is being ordered. We are just waiting on the weather to warm up enough to plant, hopefully in March! 

The other side of the farm is working on emptying grain bins and delivering grain to the grainerys. In two weeks time we have delivered over 280,000 bushels of soybeans. Thats alot of beans!