Between Harvest

We have all been busy at Seven Springs Farms! We are now farming 35,000 acres spread across eight different counties. We harvested 10,000 acres of wheat in two weeks and planted all of our corn before the monsoons of 2016 came. Talk about a hard working group of people! Things have slowed down for the time being, and everyone has taken their well deserved vacations. Wheat is over but corn is just around the corner! Since our last post we have begun a new venture with Jolly Farm Beef, where we specialize in backgrounding calves. We also feed out a couple of calves and sell high choice freezer beef. Check us out at We also have invested in the Southern Springs Event Center and the Wallonia Cafe

Congratulations Hannah & Joe!

Joe and Hannah Gilland welcomed a baby boy, Oliver Gilland, on January 12th. Baby Oliver was born early and weighed only 2lb, 3.6oz.  Oliver has overcome a lot in the past month.  Our thoughts and prayers will continue to be with Joe, Hannah, Oliver and their entire family as Oliver continues to grow and get stronger each day.

Hannah & Joe

James Comer Visits SSF

James Comer visited SSF this morning.  He took time to talk about changes he has made since being elected Agriculture Commissioner of Kentucky, and how some of those same changes would be positive for the Governor's Office.

Comer at SSF


SSF Christmas Party 2014

The annual SSF Christmas Party was held last Saturday night at the Lake Barkley Convetion Center.  Below are a couple pictures from the evening.

joe & dustin

Dustin Turner was honored for 10 years of service.


joe & vann

Vann Bryant was honored for his loyal service through Pioneer.

Mitch McConnell Visits SSF


Mitch McConnell stopped by Seven Springs Farms today to meet with members of the community over lunch.  Mr. McConnell spoke about change that could occur if the upcoming election transitioned him from the Minority Leader to the Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate.