Monthly Archives: April 2018

Fertilizing and Planting

Guess what! Its raining again… We did get about 5,000 acres planted before we had to stop. We are still working on fertilizing and spraying the fields. On the tobacco side plants are growing in the greenhouse and the fields are being fertilized. With the dry sunny weather coming in this weekend we will be hitting the fields asap!

Let the Planting Begin!

Y'all!!! THE SUN IS OUT!!!! It feels like spring is finally here and we are so glad! This is the first week it has been dry enough to get the planters out in the field. We are also still running anhydrous applicators. This means we will be moving lots of equipment down the road. When you see a SSF truck with flashing lights or orange flags there will be equipment behind it.  Here is a little video of our third day of planting.