Monthly Archives: March 2018

The First Day of Spring

Its the first day of spring! And it is snowing…….. Even though things are moving slowly because of all of the rain and snow, all of our corn seed in, 5,000 acres are fertilized, 4,000 preped with Anhydrous, and 2,500 are tilled. Now we just need some sunshine and warm temperatures. 

Its Seeding Time!

It is almost time to start planting your garden but it is defiantly time to start seeding tobacco! Every year at SSF, Chris Croft takes a couple of guys across the county line to Cook Bros Farms and they each other seed tobacco. Here you can see the fancy seeding machine being filled with potting soil. This machine is a Horticulturist dream come true! It seeds 288 tiny tobacco seeds at a time. Today they will do 1,200 trays! Then they are double checked to make sure only one seed is in each compartment and taken to greenhouses where they are floated out on beds of water. In just a couple of days little green sprouts will spring to life!

To the Fields!

It has finally dried up enough for us to get into the fields. We have our anhydrous crew out preping the fields for planting. They will run until the rain returns this weekend. Its still pretty dreary out, but atleast it not raining!