Monthly Archives: October 2016

The End is Near!

We are well over half way finished harvesting soybeans! The 2016 harvest is almost over. We would like to thank everyone for all of their hard work and long hours! Check out these pictures of our 2016 soybean harvest.  



img_5368 img_5369img_5365 img_5366

Trigg County Preschool

Joe and Dustin visited Mrs. Ashleys class at Trigg County Preschool this past week to show the kids a combine and teach them about farming. Who had more fun Joe or the kids?

image1image2 image3img_5180img_5179

From Corn to Beans!

It finally cooled off and SSF is finished with corn harvest and started soybeans yesterday. Guys… you are getting close to having your weekends back! YAY!  Here are some pictures from the last of corn harvest and disking. We would like to thank Jared and Graham for the great pictures! If you look closley the instagram picture has a reply from the offical John Deere! Here at SSF we love anything and everything John Deere Green… except our trucks we will take those in red! 

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